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Are you interested in investing in an adventurous startup? If you choose ArcticFox Adaptive, you'll be choosing to support a business that creates high grade, well engineered, quality adaptive equipment for disabled people.


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Shared path

 We are now open to take on board investors or sponsors who would be looking to invest for shares in a progressive company. The level of involvement can be discussed, but a shared vision of what can be achieved is key.


Working together

We are keen to work with fellow investors with knowledge of the ski industry, disabilities, or social enterprise. Ideally we would like to create a great communicative relationship with our investor(s). We have big plans to grow, product by product, with other great adaptive equipment in addition to ski equipment. It will be an exciting journey of creating freedom!


Please contact us if you interested and we can talk it through.


Thank you,


The ArcticFox Team :)

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