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The  vision for ArcticFox is simple, to produce great adaptive equipment that enables adventure, independence and freedom. 

We apply progressive engineering to user-focused design which allows more people to participate in thrilling sports and achieve brilliant experiences!




On mountain land, snow or sea, ArcticFox will push the boundaries for a life style built around adaptive sports and adventures. We won’t do beige!

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Olly Founder, Chief design engineer and an avid mono skier!

Hello! I became seriously unwell during 2008 whilst on a placement year working for Gillette Razor Co. I studied product design engineering and over the course of my education  I have won several major design awards, the highlights being Young Engineers regional, A-level national award and the Gillette Innovation award.  

I have aways had a love of sliding on the snow and enjoyed both ski and board, I managed to fulfil a dream of becoming a snowboard instructor and I was working hard to try and get into the ski industry as a design engineer before illness struck. Like many, I rediscovered the slopes through adaptive skiing in 2017 and instantly felt there is great scope for making great adaptive ski products!

JESS and ED Social, administrative AND company glue

Jess and her partner are brand ambassadors along with keeping you updated on our socials and spreading the word of Fox! Here she is modelling our adventure clothing

New to the team is Ed, an adaptive ski instructor and adaptive ski enthusiast and handles our admin.


Charlie Master craftsman and technical advisor

A retired Dental clinician with 35 plus years in clinical work and always armed with extensive material knowledge and highly skilled craftwork. From riding and building classic motorcycles to advanced composite materials there is always a solution! Top skills include, taken time and patience to look at solving issues through stripping back a problem both mechanically or figuratively, A keen skier and soon to be quality control tester of monos! He just doesn't know it yet

Engineering Tools



We like to build and we like adventure, simple. Here in the workshop,  high quality engineering is absolutely our core. We have made use of lightweight high strength materials through unique manufacturing processes. Across all our intended products, from clothing to ski hardware, we experiment with different materials and designs to reach a point where we are happy to build, construct and test. Our skis and equipment will have multiple features and aim to cater for people with a range of disabilities and skill levels, with user focused design as our DNA. As disabled skiers ourselves, we  want maximum quality, maximum the adaptive ski experience and maximum fun!   That’s what it’s all about right?


We hope you can join us for the ride, getting out on the snow! ❄️



Our Origins 


 natural TESTING zone


MID WALES and more....

Cooking Outdoors

Mid Wales is our base, as it has everything we need! Apart from being a stunning area, it has a variety of landscapes including lakes, peaks, forest and sea, all of which are great for our testing and general adventuring! It is perfect for testing all clothing gear, as we often get all four seasons in a day – pouring one minute, sunny the next!



From Aberystwyth, a small and ancient coastal town with an accessible seafront, turbulent history and a castle to prove it. Cadair Idris is the highest peak with its beautiful views and myths, the less known Berwyn Mountains in the north, and bordering us is the southern tip of the famous Snowdonia (y Eyri) National Park. It’s great for camping, wheelchair off-roading, kayaking, surfing, paragliding and tons of others. There’s never a bad view from the office! And there's always a pub or an ancient castle close by.

We also take trips to test out some of the ski hardware, principally in Andorra and in a number of the indoor snow slopes in Northern Europe including some over the border in England. Scotland is in our sites for this winter, taking advantage of the new accessible sleeper train direct into the mountain base. Chamonix is an old haunt of ours, having lived and instructed there before my illness. We are not fussy though, anywhere there is a an adventure to be had then we are keen! In fact, discovering new places can be the best bit.

Shout out to Tea

The team run off tea here at ArcticFox, good for a time out and great to reset and focus whilst hammering out our design work. It's also a good excuse to have a chat. This season we are getting through a lot of Earl Grey. We are getting pretty snobby about our tea selection and there is a whole tea world to discover!
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