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Look after those arms....

Put the fun back into fitness with these equipment-free workouts for all levels.

These routines can be done anywhere, at any time.

Many of these routines count towards your recommended 150 minutes a week of exercise and muscle strengthening activity*

Live Well NHS UK





*This is a guide, Exercise according to your illness or injury and follow medical advice when beginning new exercises



What are Arctic Foxes....?

*3 sets up to 2 mins rest between each

Binoculas photo for arcti fox

Binoculas photo for arcti fox





The Arctic fox is a small, tough creature native to the Arctic region. It is well-known for its warm, thick white or grey fur which it uses for winter camouflage, and also for protection against the elements, allowing it to survive in temperatures reaching -50°C. They have a large, fluffy tail which helps with warmth and balance. Their coat changes with the seasons, becoming more brown or grey during the summer.

They prey on lots of small creatures such as lemmings, voles, seal pups, fish and birds. They also eat carrion (the decaying flesh of dead animals), other small invertebrates, berries, seaweed and insects, so pretty much anything they can find. This sometimes includes carcasses left by larger predators.


Arctic foxes form monogamous pairs during breeding season and stay together to raise their young in underground dens. Female arctic foxes can give birth in the spring to large litters of up to 14 pups! Their predators include red foxes, golden eagles, polar bears, grizzly bears and wolverines.


 natural TESTING zone



MID WALES and more....

Mid Wales is our base, as it has everything we need! Apart from being a stunning area, it has a variety of landscapes including lakes, peaks, forest and sea, all of which are great for our testing and general adventuring! It is perfect for testing all clothing gear, as we often get all four seasons in a day – pouring one minute, sunny the next!



From Aberystwyth, a small and ancient coastal town with an accessible seafront, turbulent history and a castle to prove it. Cadair Idris is the highest peak with its beautiful views and myths, the less known Berwyn Mountains in the north, and bordering us is the southern tip of the famous Snowdonia (y Eyri) National Park. It’s great for camping, wheelchair off-roading, kayaking, surfing, paragliding and tons of others. There’s never a bad view from the office! And there's always a pub or an ancient castle close by.

We also take trips to test out some of the ski hardware, principally in Andorra and in a number of the indoor snow slopes in Northern Europe including some over the border in England. Scotland is in our sites for this winter, taking advantage of the new accessible sleeper train direct into the mountain base. Chamonix is an old haunt of ours, having lived and instructed there before my illness. We are not fussy though, anywhere there is a an adventure to be had then we are keen! In fact, discovering new places can be the best bit.

Data on peoples and their location is from John Edward Lloyd's 1912 History of Wales (2 vols.), CC BY-SA 3.0,
Cooking Outdoors
Shout out to Tea

The team run off tea here at ArcticFox, good for a time out and great to reset and focus whilst hammering out our design work. It's also a good excuse to have a chat. This season we are getting through a lot of Earl Grey. We are getting pretty snobby about our tea selection and there is a whole tea world to discover!

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